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Week Beginning 30th November

Your homework this week is slightly different to the activities that you have completed over the past few months. This week you will be finding out about the continent of Europe. 

You will be finding out some facts about a European country of your choice and then you will design a new flag for that country.



Monday 30th November


We would like you to watch some videos that will help with your research. You can watch the videos by clicking on the links below. You do not have to watch all of the videos but please watch the first one and at least one other.


This video will introduce you to lots of European Countries and you will see exactly where they are on the map. Which one will you choose to research?


 Let's explore Europe:


Let's explore France:


Let's explore the UK:




Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd December


We will give you a fact sheet to complete about your chosen country - you can find the information on the internet, in books or by speaking with someone at home. 


We will also give you a flag design worksheet where you will draw your design for a new flag. Remember to include some things that the country is famous for and use lots of colour.


This video will give you lots of ideas about flags!