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Week Three

Week 3 planner - word document

School Closure Planner – Primary Seven

Week Three – 20/04/2020

Mental Maths



  • Gr 1-2 – Hardest words to learn (final list) / Gr 3-4 – Next most common words (final list) / Individuals – find list attached
  • Complete spelling challenges to practise spelling rules
  • Next week we will move into revision of spellings from the beginning of the year


  • It is imperative that children read for enjoyment at home for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Please make use of our free access to NI Libraries online, 3000 eBooks J
  • Please make use of these ebooks also, they are free and AMAZING!

Literacy (Under Daily Literacy activities)

Writing Tasks:

Group 1/2: Advertising Your Town (persuasive writing)

See Slideshow attached: Persuasive Writing in Advertisements and refer to “Persuasive Hotel Advertisement” idea as a guide

WILF (What I am looking for)

  • Provide factual information about Lurgan, educate your audience!
  • Look for positives, not negatives e.g. Attractions, facilities, history, best known for!
  • Use of powerful adjectives to hold readers attention
  • Use of rhetorical questions
  • Linking ideas with use of connectives (furthermore, however, in addition to etc)
  • Exaggerate everything!
  • Bright colours and pictures to attract and engage your audience
  • Catchy Slogans/ sayings that will stick in the mind of your audience

Group 3/4: Complete one page of your creative writing book (setting/ scenario description) – See slideshow with explanation


Weekly Comprehension:

Group 1 (Finches): “The way through the woods”; Group 2 (Sparrows): “You are old, Father William”; Group 3 (Wrens): “Why?”;

Group 4 (Robins): “ The baby of the family”



Junior English Book 4/3/2: Using Direct Speech: pages attached on webpage (Under Junior English)


Novel work:

WAR HORSE - LISTENING TO EPISODE 3: The Western Front: Complete the following activity (word document attached on webpage to print)

Part (a) – Short comprehension

Part (b) – Dictionary Work

Part (c) - Write a short paragraph explaining what you think it would be like to be a soldier serving at the front line in France during World War 1


Numeracy  (Under Week 3 – Maths)

P7 Maths revision booklet:

Group 1-3: Work through next 5 pages (to page with question 13 at bottom finishing 65%) Group 4: Work through next 5 pages (to 2D Shape) Pages have been scanned and converted into PDF for ease of printing at home!



All Groups: Complete practical & formal capacity work under “Maths week 3 work” differentiated pages attached under separate folders (Gr1-2/3-4)


Group 1/2: Watch video link under “Volume Gr1-2” & complete activity on finding the volume of a prism.

Group 3/4: Watch video link under “Volume Gr3-4 & complete activity on counting squares in shapes to find volume.

World Around Us


  • Design your own country – refer to webpage
  • Complete reading maps – first activity – pay close attention to the legend and map layout feature to answer relevant questions

STEM (Science)

  • Using jelly babies and spaghetti build the tallest and strongest tower you can! (See webpage under STEM links and challenges)


      - Module 5 – Jesus is Arrested x 2 pages