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To all our Primary Seven Parents and Pupils.


We have been working hard to provide resources and online links for learning at home when school is closed. On the P7 class page on the school website, you will be provided with a planner with weekly activities for literacy and numeracy, and for some other subjects, for which you will be given workbooks. For some children, work might be slightly different to this. Answers to Maths and comprehension activities will be uploaded weekly so that parents can mark work and track progress. It’s vital that learning is continued in preparation for secondary school, this will support transition and ensure children are ready. If children return to school in September, it is very likely that they will be quickly assessed, so work must be continued.


We will be updating the P7 class page each week, so keep checking!

If Parents need to ask us any questions, there is a contact form on the class page to fill in. Most of all, try to follow a routine for learning.


 Other info.

There will be a link to the 'Topmarks' website so you can continue your 'Daily 10' mental math’s activity, in addition to practicing quick recall of times tables through grids/tables race. We will also provide links to websites that will allow you to explore the World Around Us in a fun way. There is a link to BBC Schools Radio, where you can listen to our class novel 'War Horse” along with appropriate activities. There may be other links to appropriate activities.

It is important that children get daily exercise as well. For some there will be plenty of footballs kicked in the back yard but for others who prefer sitting at a screen, they should be encouraged out as for as the situation allows. There will be a link for this too should you require ideas.



Obviously there will be questions about final assessment and class placements etc. for Lurgan Junior High etc.

As stated, the children should be kept working as they will early on likely be assessed at their new school. However, as time goes on this term, we may receive advice about final assessments. But be assured we will not allow any child to be disadvantaged regarding a final level because of the current set of circumstances that we find ourselves in.


Keep well and safe,

P7 Teachers



Dear Primary 7 Parent,

As you are aware, school would officially now be off for Easter. 

Our P7 planner and curriculum related activities were planned up to Friday 3rd April.

We are suggesting that the children do take, as they would in normal circumstances, their two week break, without feeling the need to do formal school related work. Obviously, any work not completed may still be done to allow them to start fresh and up to date on  Monday 20th April.

We do still encourage daily reading and physical activity though, and refer you to some links to fun activities on the P7 class page.

We intend to put the next planner on the class page by Sunday 19th April. 

Best wishes and keep well,

Primary 7 Teachers.