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Mental Maths

Week Eleven - Week beginning 15/06/2020


Mental Maths games for this week:

  • Power Lines 1 – the numbers in each row need to add up to a given number.
  • Match Fractions, decimals and percentages game – work through 5 levels of difficulty.
  • Addition Wipeout Wall - A game of speed. How quickly can you clear the addition wall?
  • Number Frame game. How quickly can you frame the answers to 10 mental arithmetic questions hidden in the number square?

Week Ten - Week beginning 08/06/2020 


Mental Maths games for this week: 

  • Place Value Millionaire: Try your best to get to the jackpot by using your Place value knowledge.
  • Hit the button: Test your quick recall of all number facts.
  • Hexabonds game: Drag the pods to the question marks to make the statements correct. There are 4 different options to try in this game.
  • Spy Shapes: In this game, use your torch to determine the shapes hiding in the dark. Find all the shapes as quickly as possible.

Week Nine - Week beginning 01/06/2020 


Mental Maths games for this week: 


  • Top Marks - Daily 10/ Tables grids one per day grids 69-73.
  • "Place Value Charts” – Test your knowledge of place value by partitioning the numbers to make your target number. Choose a suitable level.
  • “Multiple Wipeout” – Pop the balloons which are multiples of your selected number.
  • “Tortoise & the Hare” – Revision of fractions/percentages of amounts.

Week Eight - week beginning 25/05/2020


Mental maths games for this week:


  • "Guess My Number Game" Pick either 1 step problems or the more difficult 2 step problems. There are lots of different sections to test yourself on. Work your way through these questions at a level suitable for you
  • "Division Divers" This game helps to keep your division skills sharp. Pick a level suitable for you. The object is to retrieve the treasure from the ocean floor. Each correct answer lowers your diver closer to the treasure. If you know your division tables really well select your oxygen supply to one minute to make it more challenging. If you find division more difficult, select a longer oxygen supply for a few minutes.
  • "Power Lines Game" Begin on phase one. Work your way through as many of the 8 levels as possible in order to receive the password to unlock phase 2. All power cells have to be placed in the circles so that all the numbers in the same straight line add up to the power line total. Try to figure out as many of these as possible.

Week Seven - Week beginning 17/05/2020 


Three new mental maths games have been added this week: 


  • “Fraction Matcher Game” Work your way through the two sections, Fractions and Mixed Numbers. These games are differentiated with 8 different levels. Level 1 is easiest and Level 8 the most difficult.
  • “Three Dart Checkout” Can you reach the checkout number target by throwing only 3 darts. Be careful though, you can only succeed by throwing a double or bullseye on your last throw.
  • “Sum Sense Game” (cover the 4 rules) Pick any of the 4 areas- Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Enjoy lots of different challenges.

Week 6 - week beginning 11/05/2020 


Four new mental maths games have been added below, they are as follows: 


  • “Place Value Millionaire Game” - Test your knowledge and understanding of Place Value.
  • “Bar Charts” quiz game – revise data handling, interpret information on bar charts.
  • “Billy Bug” game  - revision of coordinates, see how fast you can feed Billy by moving him around the grid.
  • “Ghostbusters Blast” game – quick recall of times tables. 

Week 5 - week beginning 04/05/2020 


A variety of mental maths games have been added this week. 

  • "Mostly Postie" game involves reading scales - choose a suitable level. 
  • "Hit the button" and "Mental Maths train" help to reinforce knowledge of times tables, division facts and confidence with the four operations. 
  • Revision of angles ppt will help you revise basic angles and their properties.


Reinforcement of various Mathematical Areas.


Please feel free to use the website

This is a great free resource that can be used to revise areas within mathematics that your child may need reinforcement with. Choose Maths along the left hand side of the home page.  Now choose the area, for e.g Probability and you will find resources that are all free, games, PowerPoints etc. 

Angles revision quiz

" Who wants to be a millionaire" weight game

Complete your ten minutes per day, develop quick recall of number facts! As a guide work upwards from level 3 :) Complete 10 minutes per day, along with your tables grid!

Check out BBC Bitesize KS2 Games - Guardians: Defenders of the Mathematica