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Week Two

School Closure Planner – Primary Seven 2020

Week Two 30/03/2020

Mental Maths:



  • Gr 1-2 Hardest words to learn (new list) / Gr 3-4 Next most common words (new list)
  • Please complete “challenge” each day as a way of practising spellings



  • It is imperative that children read for enjoyment at home for at least 15 minutes per day. Please make use of our free access to NI Libraries online, 3000 eBooks J
  • Please make use of these ebooks also, they are free and AMAZING!



One writing task to be completed into exercise book:

Group 1/2: Writing an ancient myth (over two days): (See slideshow explaining task under “writing task booklet”) Listen to Finn McCool myth - link attached. 

Remember: a myth is a traditional, ancient story/folktale passed down through generations which will normally tell the tale of how things came to be or why something is the way it is! Examples: Irish myths include: Finn McCool and Fairies; Greek myths include: Hercules and Pandora’s Box; Roman myths include: Jupiter and the Bee and Romulus and Remus. Use the mythical story planner document to help you.

WILF (What I am looking for)

  • Choose an ancient civilisation
  • Choose from a myth (or make up one) from the prompts slide (see slideshow)
  • Follow the mythical story planner to help structure your story
  • Include paragraphing with a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Creativity in your writing, the use of adjectives, adverbs etc

Group 3/4: Complete one page of your creative writing book (setting/ scenario description) – See slideshow explaining under “writing task booklet”


Weekly comprehension: One per week. Group 1 (Finches): Tudor Wedding, Group 2 (Sparrows): Seal saves drowning dog, Group 3 (Wrens): How to make a Wormery, Group 4 (Robins):  Games glossary


Novel work: LISTENING TO EPISODE 2: in this episode Albert finds out that Joey (the horse) has been sold by his father to Captain Nicholls to become an army horse.

Part (a) Write a paragraph to explain how you think Albert would have been feeling when he found out about Joey being sold? What was Albert’s only hope for the future?

Part (b) Write a paragraph on the following: Would you be willing to sell a pet in order to earn some money for your family during poor times? Include reasons!


Grammar: Grammar: Junior English Book 3/2: Understanding Adverbs: pages attached on webpage (under Junior English)  

Numeracy (Look under daily maths activities – week two maths work) PDF’s available to print:


  • Group 1-2: Complete first 5 pages of “P7 Maths Revision Book”. Complete “Probability revision paper” attached on website.
  • Group 3-4: Complete first 5 pages of “P7 Maths Revision Book”. Complete “Probability revision” attached on website (under GR 3-4)

World Around Us


  • Continue “Hopeville” project
  • Mapwork Booklet: Pg2-3:
  • Look at “Map skills ppt” attached
  • Compass Directions – eight points of the compass
  • Scale and Legend: Island of Turrip- consider where the features would be best located; their size in comparison to one another and distance apart ie. mountain areas; river source and flowing to the sea; airports and connections to cities.


Module 5 – Passion, Death and Resurrection

First two pages: Hard Words – Easy Words and Read Matthew 26 v 69-75


Week 2 planner - School Closure