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Week Seven

School Closure Planner – Primary Seven

Week Seven – 18/05/2020

This week will be a four day week as will next week, as the 22nd and 25th of May were due to be staff development days – children are not expected to complete formal work on these days.

Mental Maths (All links on website)

  • Top Marks - Daily 10/ Tables grids one per day grids 59-63.
  • “Fraction Matcher Game” Work your way through the two sections, Fractions and Mixed Numbers. These games are differentiated with 8 different levels. Level 1 is easiest and Level 8 the most difficult.
  • “Three Dart Checkout” Can you reach the checkout number target by throwing only 3 darts. Be careful though, you can only succeed by throwing a double or bullseye on your last throw.
  • “Sum Sense Game” (cover the 4 rules) Pick any of the 4 areas- Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Enjoy lots of different challenges.



  • All groups have a revision list attached under “Week Seven Spellings”
  • Complete spelling challenges to practise spelling rules  (dictionary work, writing a paragraph, sorting into word classes)


  • It is imperative that children read for enjoyment at home for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Please make use of our free access to NI Libraries online, 3000 eBooks J
  • Please make use of these ebooks also, they are free and AMAZING!

Literacy (Under Daily Literacy activities)

Writing Tasks:


Writing: Film Review : See PPT attached

Remember: Features of a Film Review Checklist:

Have I …

  • included the title of the film, the year it was made and who directed it?
  • opened my review with a strong first sentence that makes the reader want to read on?
  • included the genre of the film?
  • mentioned some of the key actors by name?
  • stated who the film is targeted at?
  • given a summary of the plot without giving away the ending?
  • stated where this film sits in a series, and whether I would watch the next film (if there is one)?
  • used powerful adjectives and adverbs to add further detail?
  • mentioned the strengths of the film, with specific detail?
  • mentioned the weaknesses of the film, with specific detail?


Weekly Comprehension:

All based on poetry this week:

Comprehension: Group 1 (Finches) To the Cuckoo; Group 2 (Sparrows): Sea Fever; Group 3 (Wrens): Overheard on a saltmarsh; Group 4 (Robins): Written in March.


Grammar (Varied Grammar Activities – Week Six):

  • Mixed punctuation questions (group names written at the top of document) – PDF & photos attached – if viewing PDF, click on arrow on top right to rotate the view.


Novel work:

WAR HORSE - LISTENING TO EPISODE  7: The Loss of a Friend  

  • (Part A) Complete differentiated comprehension attached (Gr 1-3/ Gr 3-4)
  • (Part B) Using your imagination, design a memorial plaque for Topthorn. Your plaque should show his contribution to the War and the ways in which he would be remembered.
  • (Part C) Weapons wordsearch (photo attached on webpage)

Numeracy  (Under Week 7 – Maths)

P7 Maths New Revision booklet: Pages have been scanned and converted into PDF for ease of printing at home!

NOTE – There are three levels in this book. As a suggestion:

Group 1-2: Complete first level book  

Group 3: Complete second level book

Group 4: Complete third level book

If children find the level they are on too challenging or not challenging enough, then they may move up or down a level. Complete pages 2-6 (one page per day)


Folens – One a week (Children should have these booklets home with them, however they have been scanned and uploaded if not – answers are also attached) Join the sentences using the appropriate conjunctions. Tests 8 & 9


Note: An extension activities folder has been set up for maths – see Extension Maths Activities – Shape & Space/Measures - Work through at own pace. (This is OPTIONAL)


BBC iTeach have developed an amazing resource of lessons with interactive videos and links – along with activities in all subjects. A folder has been uploaded with their schedule along with the link to their P7 lesson page. For extensions, choose a lesson that interests your child J (SEE – BBC Bitesize – P7 lessons – Weekly Schedule and links)

World Around Us: New Topic: LIVING THINGS (Under WAU – Living Things – Week Seven)

Classifying Animals:

  • Activity one: Read through Classifying Living Organism cards (pdf) to try and get the idea of how animals are classified and remember some of the features.
  • Activity two: Watch the video clips for further understanding. There are two on vertebrates and one on invertebrates.
  • Activity three: Complete sheet 1 --- Classifying Animals with Backbones. When matching you could cut out the descriptions, stick them to left side of a page and then cut out each animal and stick it alongside the description across the page. Just rule off each section.
  • Activity four: Complete sheets 2 and 3 ---- Classifying Animals without Backbones. Repeat process as at activity three.
  • Activity five: Complete sheets 4 and 5 as a recap.


Irish History – The Potato Famine (a major event in the history of Ireland)

Activity one: Read through the ‘sources’ on first four pages in Famine Booklet. These ‘Sources’ tell us what real life people experienced at the time of The Famine. Complete the grid/table on page four.

Remember the types of classes people were part of including:

  • Landlords – These were the land owners.  Will send you copy Catherine!
  • Strong Farmers – were able to rent out larger areas of land from Landlords and farm it.
  • Small Farmers – could work on small areas of land but much less well off.
  • Labourers – held no land but just had to work for others.

Activity two: Complete the ‘cloze’ texts (four pages) starting from the right hand middle page.



First Aid Course

In normal circumstances, P7s would be completing the “Heart Start” course. In the absence of this, we have sourced the STAR COURSE. This course aims to teach important lifesaving skills and encourage children to join in.  During the course we will cover How to Deal with an Emergency, CPR and the use of an AED, Bleeding, Fractures Recovery Position, Choking and Burns. When you complete all five stars you achieve a Superstar Mini First Aider Certificate.  Each week - we will upload a video and you will complete one section of your workbook. This will work towards achieving a certificate.

  • Look under “Other Subjects” – click on “First aid course” a link to the PDF workbook and the link to your first video to watch is there.


STEM (Science – Art focus)

- Save your old food magazines for this bug collage project. Collect clippings from magazines/leaflets and create a bug of your choice, (See example)



  • KPS – “Messages of Hope” This week for messages of hope, pupils are asked to create some heart-themed art. This could involve making a heart shape with everyday objects, drawing or painting hearts, making heart shadow-puppets with their hands - let their creativity run wild!


BBC “Afternoon Club” lessons

  • Look under useful links and click on the link to access all of BBC’s afternoon lessons. There is a wealth of lessons under a variety of categories:  Arts & Crafts, Science, Gardening, Dance, Yoga, Poetry, Music, Drama, Magic.


NI4kids – magazine link for digital copy attached on webpage under “Useful links”