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Week Four

Word document to print - Week 4 planner

School Closure Planner – Primary Seven

Week Four – 27/04/2020

Mental Maths (All links on website)

  • Top Marks - Daily 10/ Tables grids one per day 44-48.
  • “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”  Weight Game – powerpoint attached.
  • “Reading Scales”  Volume game - practise reading the measuring jugs, work up through the levels.


  • All groups have a revision list attached under “Week four Spellings”
  • Complete spelling challenges to practise spelling rules  (dictionary work, writing a paragraph, sorting into word classes)


  • It is imperative that children read for enjoyment at home for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Please make use of our free access to NI Libraries online, 3000 eBooks J
  • Please make use of these ebooks also, they are free and AMAZING!

Literacy (Under Daily Literacy activities)

Writing Tasks:

Group 1/2: The Titanic diary entry (Recount writing)

See Slideshow attached: Look at ppt attached, youtube link & titanic factual posters (Directly under the slideshow)

WILF (What I am looking for)

  • Uses the past tense
  • Uses first person pronouns (I, we, my, etc.)
  • Describes the writer’s point of view, thoughts and feelings
  • Includes opinions as well as facts
  • Uses ambitious words to describe people and places
  • Is written in an informal style, as though speaking to someone
  • Uses time conjunctions to link events
  • Organises events in paragraphs
  • Use rhetorical questions
  • Uses inverted commas to show direct speech

Group 3/4: Complete one page of your creative writing book (setting/ scenario description) – See slideshow with explanation


Weekly Comprehension:

Comprehension: Group 1 (Finches): Chocolate; Group 2 (Sparrows): Welsh hero Simon Weston; Group 3 (Wrens): Dogs are good for you!; Group 4 (Robins): Invasion.


Grammar (Under Junior English):

  • Group 1-3: Look at “Compound Sentences” ppt – Complete compound sentences worksheet – Work through challenge 1-4 (pdf attached)
  • Group 4: Look at “Simple sentences – unscramble” ppt – Complete worksheet - expand the quality of the sentences using the basic words given (pdf attached)


Novel work:

WAR HORSE - LISTENING TO EPISODE 4: Prisoners of War: Complete the following activity (word document attached on webpage to print)

Group 1-2 complete A & B, Group 3-4 Complete B only 

(Part A)At the beginning of this episode the two soldiers have become prisoners of war. Write a short paragraph to explain what you think this means and try your best to predict what may happen to the men and to the horses.


(Part B)Captain Stewart’s opinions reveal the feelings of many soldiers who considered it pointless for both men and horses to be sent into battle against barbed wire and machine guns. Write a short paragraph giving your opinions of whether or not animals should be used in warfare?

Numeracy  (Under Week 4 – Maths)

P7 Maths revision booklet: Pages have been scanned and converted into PDF for ease of printing at home!

Group 1-3: Next 5 pages- from Q14 – change fractions to percentages to write answers as fractions.

Group 4: Next 4 pages of Maths revision booklet: Analogue clocks.


Folens – One a week (Children should have these booklets home with them, however they have been scanned and uploaded if not – answers are also attached)

Group 1-3 – Book 5 tests 1 & 2

Group 4 – Book 4 tests 2 & 3


Note: An extension activities folder has been set up for maths – see Extension Maths Activities – Number PDF – Work through at own pace. (This is OPTIONAL)  

World Around Us

Mapwork (Click on the BBC bitesize link provided before completing this weeks mapwork)

Activity one: Be familiar with the legend/key (symbols) on left hand side. Take time to find the various features. For example: where the road, lake and forest are located.

Activity two: Familiarity with symbols is again needed to help locate features and understand town layout. Be careful with how you read the questions! Think about traffic flow, number of shops, type of shops, etc.


STEM (Science)

  • Sink or Float Challenge – Create a Raft! (See webpage under STEM links and challenges)


 - x2 pages – the resurrection, why did Jesus have to die? Carrying the Cross

-  Watch the two youtube links attached and use the online bible to help you look up the verses you need.



  • Local Artist Adrian Margey takes us through a tutorial of how to paint the magnificent “Dunluce Castle”