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Week Ten - End of year poetry (See powerpoint)


Finished poetry may be sent to

Week Nine - Writing Task - "Pushkin Project"


Background info 

Theme is: ‘Let go, let fly’

The writing will be based on the work of Alexander Pushkin, renowned in Russian literature, born in Moscow on May 26th 1799. Pushkin’s greatest quality lies in his terrific sense of language and he is viewed as the creator of modern Russia. The ‘Pushkin Project’ has been around Northern Ireland schools over many years and King’s Park participated in 2013-14 and 2014-15. Unfortunately, it will probably be 2023 before we are offered the opportunity to enter again. The project is centred from the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Abercorn at Baronscourt Estate near Omagh. Sadly, within the last couple of years the Duchess passed away. Although the concept lends itself to plenty of group work it is still something an individual can attempt and hopefully enjoy! So, what are we going to write?


This week we will focus on: ‘Things that move in the air’

Part (a): Manmade things that fly:

  • Brainstorm and record the names of any manmade objects you can think of that fly. If need be you can add to your list using google images!
  • The story of Daedalus and Icarus. Watch on Youtube link and consider what is the moral of the story.


Part (b): Manmade things that fly 

  • Again, brainstorm but this time focus on only one part of speech, verbs would be ideal. List all the verbs you can think of that these objects inspire or create in your mind. Examples – swoosh, zoom, climb, soars (if possible refer to dictionaries, thesaurus or online search engines to extend and build up vocabulary).
  • Use the words to create a list matching the objects and verb choice together.
  • To extend this idea add adverbs to describe the verbs.
  • Finally create a shape poem using only one flying object you have focused on. For example, write your poem inside a hot air balloon you could draw. This could be using only verbs, verbs and adverbs or verbs plus adverbs plus any extra words you wish to include. Can rhyme or not rhyme. 
  • Alternately, as a final option, you could create a poem using one idea from each of the flying objects listed but do include verbs, adverbs and other vocabulary as much as possible. 

Pushkin writing examples

Week 8 writing tasks are as follows: 

Use the PPT provided for all groups. A printable PDF of the powerpoint has been provided for you for ease of access. 

  • Group 1-2: Adventure writing story on a cliffhanger - Click on the PPT below for instructions and explore the PDF's for support. 
  • Group 3: Settings Story Description - a haunted house. 
  • Group 4: Scenario writing - A rainy day. 
This week you get to write a film review! Choose a film and take some notes during it - go through the powerpoint to help you structure your review. 

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