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Week Eight

School Closure Planner – Primary Seven

Week Eight – 25/05/2020

25th of May was due to be staff development day – children are not expected to complete formal work on this day

Mental Maths (All links on website)

  • Top Marks - Daily 10/ Tables grids one per day grids 64-68.
  • "Guess My Number Game" Pick either 1 or 2 step problems. Work your way through these questions at a level suitable for you.
  • "Division Divers" Keep your division skills sharp. The object is to retrieve the treasure from the ocean floor. Each correct answer lowers your diver closer to the treasure. If you know your division tables re

ally well, select your oxygen supply to one minute to make it more challenging.

  • "Power Lines Game" Begin on phase one. Work your way through as many of the 8 levels as possible in order to receive the password to unlock phase 2. All power cells have to be placed in the circles so that all the numbers in the same straight line add up to the power line total. Try to figure out as many of these as possible.



  • All groups have a revision list attached under “Week Eight Spellings”
  • Complete spelling challenges to practise spelling rules  (dictionary work, writing a paragraph, sorting into word classes)


  • It is imperative that children read for enjoyment at home for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Please make use of our free access to NI Libraries online, 3000 eBooks J
  • Please make use of these ebooks also, they are free and AMAZING!

Literacy (Under Daily Literacy activities)

Writing Tasks:

Group 1-2: Adventure Story (writing booklet)

This week using the skills of adventure writing we would like you to create your own unique story based on, ‘The Ascent’ (climb) Access the ppt instructions and use the PDF’s referenced to help you plan and write your story.

  • Instead of bringing your story to a final conclusion, aim this time to end your writing with a cliffhanger.

A cliffhanger should:

  • be ‘abrupt’ (sudden, unexpected) or in other words not ‘dragged out’. You will want to shock, surprise the reader creating suspense.
  • be placed at the end of the plot not in the middle or start.
  • be written so that the outcome or resolution of the cliffhanger will follow in the next scene, chapter or maybe even book.
  • be created by introducing problems and setbacks in your writing, arousing curiosity, intrigue and interest.
  • Focus on building up to the cliffhanger.
  • The reader should be left thinking, ‘What will happen next?’
  • The suspense of your cliffhanger will mean the reader cannot wait to read on when the next piece of writing becomes available!


Group 3: Story Settings Description – A haunted house.

  • Use your senses to visualise and describe the setting of a spooky old castle/ house.
  • What can you see, hear, smell, feel? What does it make you feel like? Can you sense anything creepy?


Group 4: Scenario Writing – A rainy day.

  • Set the scene of a little boy and girl playing in the puddles on a rainy day.
  • What is the problem? Did the boys boat get caught in a current and float away? Did the little girl get her wellies stuck in a mud puddle?
  • Focus on good sentence structure and proof read over your writing.


Weekly Comprehension (See Week Eight – under weekly comprehension)

Groups 1/2/3 (Finches, Sparrows, Wrens): Multiple Choice Answers

Texts are found in Progress in English 11 Booklet: (this was part of all children’s initial pack – the booklet has been photographed for you to refer to)

Gareth’s Discovery (fiction)/ Archaeology (non-fiction)

  • Please read texts really carefully before deciding which answer choice to select.
  • Multiple choice is not just a quick solution to completing comprehension so don’t rush.
  • Read the question thoughtfully to help focus on what is being asked.

Group 4 (Robins): The Crow and the Snake


Grammar (Varied Grammar Activities – Week Eight):

Synonyms (similar meaning words) and Antonyms (opposite meaning words)

  • Go through powerpoint “Synonyms & Antonyms” to revise the concepts
  • Click on Varied Grammar Activities – Week Eight – then select your group to access the activity
  • Group 1/2/3 should also complete the grammar activity from Progress in English 11 Booklet i.e. “The Children’s Discovery Museum”



Novel work:


  • (Part B) Using your imagination write a short story (Gr 1-2)/ short paragraph (Gr 3-4) about how you would have felt if you were a soldier here on Christmas Eve. Think about how you suddenly hear the Germans singing carols, then you nervously climb over your trench, meet the enemy, shake hands, exchange gifts and then play a game of football. How would you have felt during this time after experiencing the horrors of war?

Numeracy  (Under Week 8 – Maths)

P7 Maths New Revision booklet: Pages have been scanned and converted into PDF for ease of printing at home!

NOTE – There are three levels in this book. As a suggestion:

Group 1-2: Complete first level book  

Group 3: Complete second level book

Group 4: Complete third level book

If children find the level they are on too challenging or not challenging enough, then they may move up or down a level. Complete pages 2-6 (one page per day)


Folens – One a week (Children should have these booklets home with them, however they have been scanned and uploaded if not – answers are also attached) Join the sentences using the appropriate conjunctions. Tests 10 & 11


Note: An extension activities folder has been set up for maths – see Extension Maths Activities –New week 7/New week 8 & 9- Work through at own pace. (This is OPTIONAL)


BBC iTeach have developed an amazing resource of lessons with interactive videos and links – along with activities in all subjects. A folder has been uploaded with their schedule along with the link to their P7 lesson page. For extensions, choose a lesson that interests your child J (SEE – BBC Bitesize – P7 lessons – Weekly Schedule and links) Please note this week is half term in England so a schedule will not be uploaded for this week. However there are many previous lessons, videos and links to explore.

World Around Us: New Topic: LIVING THINGS (Under WAU – Living Things – Week Eight)

The first 4 activities are investigative and exploratory tasks, click on the links provided to watch videos and learn about the topics.


Irish History – The Potato Famine (a major event in the history of Ireland)

Population and emigration: During the Irish Famine (Great Famine) over one million people died not just from hunger but from disease. Others lost their homes as they could not afford the rent and their only choice was to seek refuge in the Workhouses. However, some who had enough money managed to escape Ireland and over a million emigrated to Britain or North America.

  • Activity One: Go through Dunbrody Famine Ship powerpoint and answer the questions.
  • Activity Two: Complete population page in Famine Booklet (sixth side – Crop Failure, Hunger, Famine)


First Aid Course

  • Look under “Other Subjects” – click on “First aid course” a link to the PDF workbook and the link to your first video to watch is there.
  • Watch video and complete section – “Star 2 – Planning for an emergency + CPR”


STEM (Science) -  

  • Water cycle in a bag – see slideshow!


  • KPS – “Messages of Hope” – see latest news for info


BBC “Afternoon Club” lessons

  • Look under useful links and click on the link to access all of BBC’s afternoon lessons. There is a wealth of lessons under a variety of categories:  Arts & Crafts, Science, Gardening, Dance, Yoga, Poetry, Music, Drama, Magic.