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Irish History - The potato Famine

Week Nine - Evidence in History 

As you progress through your school years you will discover that looking at sources of evidence has an important role in your studies and understanding of history. It is just like you recording facts, feelings and information that you are experiencing during the time of lockdown caused by coronavirus. In years to come this could be looked back on as actual evidence of events at the time they happened!

Activity Three 

Using google can you find what used to be a historical workhouse building in Lurgan?

Week Eight - The potato famine

Population and emigration:During the Irish Famine (Great Famine) over one million people died not just from hunger but from disease. Others lost their homes as they could not afford the rent and their only choice was to seek refuge in the Workhouses. However, some who had enough money managed to escape Ireland and over a million emigrated to Britain or North America. Go through the ppt below and answer the questions in the linked activity. 

Complete population page - sixth side

Week Seven - Potato Famine 


Activity one: Read through the ‘sources’ on first four pages in Famine Booklet. These ‘Sources’ tell us what real life people experienced at the time of The Famine. Complete the grid/table on page four. The first part on Landlords has been done as an example.

Remember the types of classes people were part of including:

  • Landlords – These were the land owners. 
  • Strong Farmers – were able to rent out larger areas of land from Landlords and farm it.
  • Small Farmers – could work on small areas of land but much less well off.
  • Labourers – held no land but just had to work for others.

Activity two: Complete the ‘cloze’ texts (four pages) starting from the right hand middle page.


Cloze procedure texts

Week Six - An Introduction to Irish History: The Potato Famine 

Watch the link below to gain a better understanding: