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What will I need?


Dear Parents,

In order for your child to be prepared for learning in P6, please would you provide the following items, named if possible, for their own use in class:

• HB pencils

• Blue Berol Handwriting pens

• Green ball point pens (optional)

• Colouring pencils

• Felt tips (optional)

• Sharpener

• Rubber

• 30cm ruler

• Pritt Stick 40g

• A small plastic box

• Whiteboard markers

• Plastic Zip Folder

• Scissors

Stationary should be labelled and put into a small plastic box that should be kept in school. Please label the box also.

Children should bring these items to school on the first day back. We hope you will be able to assist us with the above items.


Yours faithfully,

S Magowan

A Shields

S Forbes

J Porter

P6 Teachers