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World Around Us

Alex and her mum made a birthday cake, bread and carrot cake using ingredients from WW2. They were delicious.

P4G had a great day celebrating VE Day. We even tried Spam and corned beef.

P4G met Phil the Pheasant

P4D sorted a collection of birds into different categories

P4 Mrs Thompson make 'bird kebabs' and bird boxes.

P4D made rain gauges to measure the rainfall over half term!

P4 McS enjoyed planting flowers in the P4 bird garden!

Jill Hanna and her Guide Dog Katie came to visit Primary 4.


We learn lots about the eye in Primary Four as part of the topic 'Ourselves'. Jill Hanna and her guide dog Katie came in to visit us. Jill told us all about the different gadgets she uses to help her in her daily life. She also told us lots of information about Katie. Katie is very clever and can bring Jill lots of places. We loved meeting them both.