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Book Bugs!

Book Bugs!


Bookbugs’s Songs and Rhymes is a free downloadable application that allows you to access fantastic resources to support your child's learning and creativity. You can download this resource from the App Store and have it on multiple devices including iPhones and iPads. 


It is developed by the Scottish Book Trust to enable you and your child to instantly access songs and rhymes where ever you are. Once downloaded you can create a playlist of your favourite songs and rhymes!


Parental guidance is strongly advised when using technology.


Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Monitor- Screen time needs monitored, both for children and adults. Too much screen time may be damaging for the eyes but it may also cause some emotional/social distancing. Ensure you are present in short bursts of online activity with your child.
  2. Use screens together- this will create a fun interactive time between you and your child
  3. Choose apps carefully- Ensure you try each app first for safeguarding purposes. Not all apps are child friendly and some may have ‘in-app purchase items’ to be aware of.
  4. Create a positive digital relationship- Be clear about why you are using and try to refrain from over using your device. Limit children’s screen time each day and encourage other active play.
  5. Protect and Play- Once finished, put your device away and have some fun doing some active play such as playing outdoors or construction!
  6. Avoid before bedtime- This will ensure your brain can wind down and affects how you fall asleep and how you sleep.