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Educational Visits

As part of our topic, 'Wild Animals', we had a visit from some of the smaller animals from Belfast Zoo! Firstly, we talked about some of the animals that live in the zoo. We then were introduced to a prickly hedgehog, a stick insect, a giant snail, a bright green frog and a long slithery snake! Using kind and gentle hands, we touched, stroked and held some of these animals - we were very brave!

We really enjoyed this visit and we are looking forward to learning more about animals that live in the zoo and in the jungle this month.

Educational officers from Oxford Island came to Nursery to help us revamp our Minibeast Hotel. We created new 'bedrooms' using cartons and bottles, straw and sticks, and we are looking forward to putting them in to our Minibeast hotel outside. We also learned about the different minibeasts that may come and visit our Minibeast hotel!