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Wednesday 27th May

Spellings and numberfacts- please continue. 


Reading – have you found something interesting to read? What interesting stories have you read during your time away from school? Do you have a favourite author? Spend 15 minutes reading – you could read a favourite story to your brother or sister or to your teddy.


Literacy- Today’s grammar/ punctuation will revisit adding commas in lists. Your activity will be sent through class dojo. Copy it into your literacy book in your neatest writing. Remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Please put the date at the top and the WALT- (We are learning to) use commas in lists on the line underneath.


Maths- Today we are going to read, write and order number sequences. Can you sort numbers from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.? Can you complete a sequence of numbers? Click on the link below to play the game and your worksheet will be sent through class dojo.


Please continue with your art for Messages of Hope.