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To all our P2 parents,


We have been working hard to provide resources and online links for learning at home when school is closed.

You will be provided with a planner with weekly activities for literacy and numeracy, for which you will be given workbooks. For some of you, your work might be slightly different to this.

We have put a list of PE Activities on this page. Pick a set to do daily.

For those of you who love Lego, we have put up a Lego challenge.


We will be updating this page each week, so keep checking!

If you need to ask us any questions, there is a contact form on the class page to fill in.

Most of all, try to follow our weekly plan for your learning.

Stay safe.


P2 Teachers

Hello everyone

We know that you have all been working really hard with your literacy and maths activities. For those of you who have or are completing the booklets/activities that have been sent home we are adding some extra activity sheets on the website to keep those little minds working for the next few weeks. There will then be additional activities in June. Hope you and all your families are well. Keep up the hard work.