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Messages of Hope


We'd like to encourage you all to participate in a weekly art project.



 This week’s theme for messages of Hope is ‘show kindness’. Children could illustrate the words ‘show kindness’, find a quote about kindness to illustrate; or draw something that they could do to show kindness to someone. The most important thing that they can do this week is to actually show kindness to others! 


Painted Pebbles


The theme for this week’s messages of Hope is Painted Pebbles. Pupils are asked to write or paint an encouraging/positive message and/or picture on a small stone and either give it to someone to encourage them or leave it in a SAFE place when out for a walk for someone to discover (e.g. under a tree or on a wall or bench). Please take a photo as usual and send to the usual email address. The photos so far have been amazing! So much creativity!


Heart heart


This week for messages of hope is to create some heart-themed art. This could involve making a heart shape with everyday objects, drawing or painting hearts, making heart shadow-puppets with their hands - let their creativity run wild!



Thinking of youmail


This weeks theme is 'Thinking of you'
Children are asked to draw a picture or write a letter to someone who may be in need of a bit of hope and encouragement in these days - this could be a grandparent or other family member, an elderly neighbour, someone who lives alone, a keyworker etc. The picture or letter could then be posted to this person ordelivered through a letterbox by an adult but only if it is safe to do so.


HOPE laugh


This week's art theme is 'HOPE'. This could be done in a number of ways - the word 'hope' decorated in different ways or pictures/words that symbolise hope. Very flexible so you can be creative!


King’s Park heart


This week's theme for Messages of Hope is 'King's Park'. We would really like to have some King's Park themed pictures that Miss Spiers can use during the virtual concert.

The theme is very wide - drawings of the school, posters that just say 'King's Park', things that pupils like/miss about school, rainbow pictures incorporating King's Park - the possibilities are endless!

It's really lovely that parents are sending in lots of pictures of the children holding their art but if you do this for the KP pictures, please ALSO send a photo of the artwork on its own. 


Captain Tom Moore


This week we are making BIRTHDAY ARTWORK FOR CAPTAIN TOM MOORE. You can make a birthday card or picture for the 100th birthday of Captain Tom Moore, who has raised over £23million for the NHS. His 100th birthday is on 30th April. Please take a photograph of your birthday artwork (you may be in the photograph if you have your parent's permission) and get your parent/guardian to send it to your class teacher on ClassDojo or send it to this email address

You might even want to send your birthday card or picture to the Captain. This is his address:

Captain Tom Moore
C/O Post Office Limited
67 Bedford Road
Marston Moretaine
MK43 0LA




You could maybe put your art up in the window of your house so that people can see you are thinking about them. We want to help spread a little bit of hope, positivity and happiness through our school community in these difficult times.