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January/ February

Today we went on our bird walk around Lurgan Park. We saw lots of different birds and used our binoculars to get a closer view. We heard some lovely birds singing as we walked and enjoyed feeding all the hungry birds. When we got back to class we used some junk materials to make a bird as a team at our table. Look a their different shapes and colours!

Today we were busy making pancakes. We followed the recipe and mixed all the ingredients and watched them cook. Then we got to add our favourite toppings, they were so yummy!

Today we have been making binoculars for our bird watching walk (when the weather is better!) and making blackbirds with dough.

Today we have been looking at pictures of blackbirds. We used charcoal to draw them and added an orange beak, we had to be careful not to smudge them. It was Jaxon's Birthday over the half term holidays so we enjoyed some lovely cake after our snack.

We have been looking very closely at feathers and using biro pens to sketch them.

Our new topic is birds. We have been bringing lots of information and pictures in to show each other and to help us learn more about birds.

We had fun dressing ourselves for winter and summer weather