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Mathematical Concept

1:1 Counting- Setting out


Counting a selection of items while setting them out is a complex, yet necessary skill for Nursery aged children.


A simple activity could be collecting a certain number of your child’s toys, such as paw patrol characters or my little pony horses, whatever your child chooses, and place these items in a pile. If you ask your child to count the objects, it could result in them mistakenly counting an item twice or not counting an item at all. It is therefore essential to discuss what they could do to make counting easier.


Some key points:

  1. Move each item as they count
  2. Encourage your child to put each item counted in a line, so it is clear they have counted it
  3. Encourage your child to count aloud- this helps your child to ‘hold’ the number 
  4. Encourage your child to complete the moving of the object and the counting slowly. If your child completes these two corresponding things too quickly, it can be easy for them to miscount.


You could complete this activity with a variety of toys/teddies and with different numbers from 1-10/20 (depending on your child’s ability). Once you have finished setting out the objects and counting them, try to ensure your child knows that the last number they counted is the total number.

Floating and Sinking!


It’s important for Nursery children to experiment with items that float and items that sink. This play based learning activity opens a discussion about suitable materials, gives opportunities for children to make predictions and easily see the results of these predictions. The experiment below uses natural materials, found in everyone’s back garden, that you can hunt for and then use for your floating and sinking activity! Enjoy!