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Mathematical Concepts

Sorting by size!


Children in nursery need to use and understand the mathematical concept of sorting items by size. A great play based activity to teach size is to line up and size order teddy bears! While being supervised, you can help your child size order some bottles from the bathroom, or some empty, washed out bottles that have been used while children have been learning at home! Encourage your child to talk about the bottles and use the words ‘big’, ‘small’ and ‘medium sized’.

Number Recognition!


Nursery children need to visually recognise and name numbers 0-10. As part of King’s Parks Nursery home learning pack, we have included a number line with the numbers 0-10. As you can see from the video below, this number line can be used to help recognise the numbers 0-10 by stating “Can you find me number…?”.

Not all children will be at the same level, so please do not worry if your child is finding it difficult. Number recognition is a marathon, not a sprint, so have fun with recognising numbers all around you!

Number recognition activities:

  1. Pretend to be dinosaurs and ‘stomp’ around the house and garden recognising numbers 0-10.
  2. Swat numbers! Use a fly swatter and some number cubes/stones/blocks to SPLAT the numbers as you call them out!
  3. Draw a hop scotch from 0-10 and challenge your child to hop to a number! You could even use dies to roll the numbers and then find them!
  4. If you have number blocks/cubes at home, you could challenge your child to find and sort all the number ones together, the number twos together, and so on.