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Mathematical Concepts

Heavy and Light!


It is essential for Nursery children to understand and apply the mathematical concept of heavy and light. This concept will involve comparing items of different weights to expose your child to language such as heavy, light, heavier and lighter. Learning this concept in a play based manner could take place through the idea of a nature hunt- finding and comparing objects that you find while on your daily walk. This could be stones, pebbles, feathers, leaves and flowers.


When comparing items to each other it is important to question your child. Examples are:

  1. Which item is heavy?
  2. Which item is light?
  3. Which items is the heaviest?
  4. Which item is the lightest?
  5. Hold the stone and the pebble in each hand. Which feels heavier?
  6. Hold the stone and the leaf in each hand. Which feels lighter?