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Mathematical Concepts

More and Less!


It is essential for children to identify, understand and use the concept of more and less. This concept of more is an essential foundation to your child’s mathematical skills. An easy play based way to openly talk about having ‘more’ is by comparing two amounts of objects. In a plate/bowl give your child 5 oranges and give yourself 1. Ask some questions such as, can you count how many oranges you have? Can you count how many oranges I have? Who has more oranges? Who has less oranges? You can then ask your child to collect 6 pieces of lego. Then section them into two groups, such as 2 pieces for you, 4 pieces for them. Then repeat the questioning. 


The activity above can be tailored to your child’s interest e.g. cars, cubes, dolls, horses. You can also use the pages below to challenge your child which jar has more and which jar has less.