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Mathematical Language

On top of and under!


Children in nursery need to use and understand the mathematical language of on top of and under. This could be displayed through a variety of play ideas such as having a teddy bears picnic. You can challenge your child to place their teddies in a variety of places, for example, "Can you put the teddy bear on top of the box?". You can extend this challenge by adding in colours and mathematical language, for example, "Can you put the big, yellow teddy bear under the chair?, Can you put the small, black and white teddy bear on top of the blanket?". 


You can also take your child's favourite toy/doll and place it in different positions around the house. This could take the form of hide and seek- the child can pick their favourite toy, then they close their eyes and count to 10 while the adult positions the toys on top of or under items around the home. You could place the doll on top of the chair, the toy car under the table etc.