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Tuesday 26th May

Welcome back after the long weekend. We hope that everyone enjoyed the rest and that you are ready for the week ahead.

Spellings/ numberfacts

This week’s spellings and numberfacts can be found below.

Reading- What have you been reading lately? Have you been reading an exciting novel? Or maybe you have really been enjoying the Oxford Owls site or listening to David Walliams story time- your teachers would love to hear about it.


Today we are going to do some more World Around Us and be scientists.

We are continuing our topic of water. Today we are going to investigate disappearing puddles. You need to fill 4 containers with water you can get an adult to help you. You need to make sure that each container holds the same amount of water- so that it is a fair test. You are going to go OUTSIDE and choose 4 different areas to pour your puddles , maybe you will pour some in a sheltered area in the shade and some out in the open where the sun can (hopefully) shine down. Keep checking your puddles – which one to you think will disappear first? Why?

Complete your record sheet sent through dojo and remember to send your teacher some photos of your experiments.


Maths- Today we are looking at recognising half and finding half. Follow the link below and select WEEK 1 for games to find a half. Your worksheet is also linked below. 

Messages of Hope- Please see the Messages of Hope page for more details on this week's art!