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Music with Mrs Myers

In Nursery, the children really enjoy taking part in weekly music sessions.  During these sessions we explore many aspects of music which include, naming and playing a range of musical and percussion instruments,  learning to keep a steady beat, adding actions to songs and singing along.  Music is so important and each of the children have developed a real love for music.  I have recorded some very well known songs on the piano for you to listen to and enjoy singing with your child.   You can find the words to these songs in the Songs and Rhymes booklet that you received in September.  I hope you enjoy these!

Mrs Myers :) 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Miss Irwin and Mrs Quinn can’t play the piano, but we thought you might like to carry out some of the above activities at home.   
Many thanks to Mrs Myers for playing these wonderful tunes for us.  We hope you all enjoy singing along.   Remember to join in with the actions.  

The Grand Old Duke Of York

Jo Jingles

Another way inwhich we help to develop music skills and abilities of the children in Nursery is monthly visits from Jo Jingles.  The children absolutely love participating in the wonderful and carefully planned themes and topics that Jo Jingles offers to us each month (and so do the teachers!!).  The children have opportunties to move along to music, play musical instruments and sing along to the fabulous songs.  This is something that we will all miss while we are not meeting altogether in school over the next little while.  However, please check out the Jo Jingles website below where there is some information about how to sign up to online classes.  You can also read about the extensive range of benefits that Jo Jingles provides for our children.