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Your child will receive their own numberfacts book. They will be learning daily numberfacts from this book. It is important to complete each section daily and learn them off by heart.

This book for you to keep at home, please do not bring it back into school.

They will be completing a daily test and Friday test. 

How to....Numberfacts Triangle 🔼

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Number facts triangle 🔼
For each triangle you need to use the three numbers to make up 2 adding sums and 2 take away sums.
Eg. Triangle - 6, 5, 1
*Remember when taking away the largest number always goes first.

The children should aim to know these number bonds off by heart. You could use mathematical language when asking the children their number facts. Eg. Minus, subtract, find the difference, sum, total, more/less than etc. ☺️☺️