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Nursery trip to W5

Nursery Trip to W5! 


On Thursday 21st May we would have been setting off on a trip to W5 in Belfast. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances, we are unable to take our Nursery classes. 


We have however come up with some fun learning activities that you would have done had we been able to visit W5. 


1. Go on a Bug hunt to see if you can find all the bugs that were in our key vocabulary for the month of May. Your hunt will include: caterpillar, butterfly, worm, bee, ladybird, spider, beetle, ant, centipede, millipede, snail and woodlouse.

2. Have a picnic, indoors or outdoors, with a packed lunch just like the one you would have brought to W5 with you. 

3. Sing songs related to minibeasts! You will find some fun songs in our ‘Story and Rhymes’ section called ‘Minibeast Songbook’ for week 7. Here is the link 

4. Below you will find some fun age related STEM activities that you can try and make at home. Have fun!