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Outdoor learning activities

In Nursery children are given the opportunities to play outdoors on a daily basis.  Over the past few weeks the weather has been absolutely wonderful and we are pretty sure that your child has been outdoors daily at home also.   It is important that children are safe in the sun and they should have a sun hat on and sun cream should be applied before exposure to the sun.

the possibilities for learning and playing outdoors are endless and often children will find objects to play with that we as adults would not necessarily use or think of.  Children can engage in a range of mathematical activities outdoors as they move up, down , under, above, over and around things.  They can extend their knowledge and language of position.  They are able to count objects as they play, look at and observe and compare the sizes, weight, colour and texture of natural objects in their gardens.   The are able to take risks and learn through trial and error.   Here we have included a few ideas but your child will guide you also. 

Outdoor play activities


Teddy Bears Picnic
Why not have lunch or dinner outside. Invite some cuddly friends to join you and make it into a teddy bears picnic – what fun

We have included chalk in your child’s home learning pack. Chalks can give hours of amusement outdoors where children can chalk merrily anywhere – let them chalk on pavements, walls, fences, bricks... there’s no worry about making a mess - after all it will wash off.

Bubble socks

Cut a plastic bottle in half and cover it with a sock.  Dip it in soapy water, blow through the end .... bubble socks.  

Build a den 

Gather together some props.  Be creative and build a den, great for getting some shade on these warm sunny days.  

Minibeast Hunt

Look high, look low and see what little beasts you can find in the garden and around your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to peek under stones, in the grass, and behind rocks.   

Practise your weekly skill. We have included these in the physical development and movement section each week.