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P5 'School Trip' Tuesday 16th June 2020

P5 Trip to Oxford Island 16th June 2020


We are so sorry that we are going to miss our trip on Tuesday.

We have cancelled school work for the day, and we are providing some activities instead that we would have done beside Lough Neagh. You can do these activities in your garden, back yard or even in the park with an adult.


  1. Mini Beast Hunt: underneath this page, you will find a mini beast hunt checklist. There are bugs everywhere, in your garden or your back yard, or maybe you could go o the park with an adult to hunt for bugs. Have a look at the ideas below to find bug hiding places:


Minibeasts live in all sorts of habitats. Many prefer dark, damp spots in gardens and woods, so this is a good place to start your hunt

  • Peek under large stones and logs to find woodland and millipedes.
  • Peer into the cracks in tree bark and deadwood to find beetles and spiders.
  • Poke your nose into long grass to see ants and grasshoppers.
  • Look closely at leaves to discover caterpillars and ladybirds.
  • Keep your eyes peeled after rain – can you spot slugs, snails and worms.


Lots of creepy crawlies live in trees and shrubs. Lay a piece of white cloth, such as an old sheet or pillow case, under a tree or bush and gently shake the branches. You’ll be surprised how many tiny creatures fall out. 


Remember – bugs are very tiny, so be careful if you pick them up and always put them back where you found them.


  1. Bird Watching Challenge: see what birds are about while you are outside, there is a checklist underneath this page from the RSPB.


   2. Mini Beast Hotel: You will have learnt last week about the importance of mini beasts in food chains. Try making a mini beast hotel, there are some ideas on the sheet below this page.


  3.  Have a picnic: hopefully, the weather will be good. Can you have a picnic outside somewhere?


We would love to see some photos of your lockdown school trip day, please send them into the website or via your dojo.


We hope you have a lovely day,

P5 teachers