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Road Safety

Road Safety!


This week Skooter wants to talk to you about walking to school! For nearly all children, this is not possible due to the current situation but when normality resumes, we want current Nursery children to understand how to stay safe when they can walk to school once again.


Walking to school is a great way to keep active and reduces the amount of vehicles on the road but it’s is important to stay safe while doing so. If you look at the poster below, you can see the children holding the adults hand and staying a safe distance away from the kerb. Can you spot the guard rail in the poster? This rail is to stop children running out onto the road when leaving school and stops cars and other vehicles parking. Wearing a bright or fluorescent jacket or coat will help children become more visible to drivers, especially on days when it is dull, foggy or rainy. 

Skooter's Road Safety Skills Canendar- Walking to School

Here are some tips from the NHS government website on crossing the road:


When the time comes to teach your child about crossing the road, remember the following:

  • always set a good example by choosing a safe place to cross and explaining what you're doing
  • let your child help you decide where and when it's safe to cross
  • tell your child that it's safest to cross at a pedestrian crossing or a crossing patrol
  • tell your child not to cross where they can't see far along the road
  • explain that they should not try to cross a road between parked cars; drivers won't be able to see them very well and the cars might start moving
  • use the Green Cross Code with your child - explain that you have to stop at the kerb, then look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing
  • when it's safe to cross, walk straight across the road and keep looking and listening out for traffic
  • remind your children to concentrate - they may be easily distracted, forget what they have been taught and dash out into the road
  • make sure that anyone else looking after your child follows the same road safety rules that you do


Below is a Nursery based work sheet for your child. Please click to enlarge the images and print. Enjoy!