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Road Safety

Road Safety!


This week Skooter wants to talk to you about firemen and fire engines on the road! Your Nursery child will have already experienced a visit from the Fire service when they came to visit us at King’s Park Nursery School. Can you remember? What did the firemen show us when they visited?


Spotting different vehicles on the road is a fun and informative conversation to have with your child when out walking or in your car. You can look for them as well as listening for them! If you look at the poster below, you will find some firemen. Can you count how many firemen you can see?

These firemen use special vehicles and protective clothing to carry out their duties. Can you see the bright markings on the fire engine and the hi-visibility material on their uniform?


They use bright and reflective markings to make sure they are easily seen when doing their jobs by day or night. Can you name other types of vehicles used by people who help us?

Fireman Colouring in Activity!

Outdoor Firemen Activities!