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Road Safety

Road Safety!

This week Skooter wants to talk to you about travelling by bus! Do you travel by bus? Where have you visited by bus? Have you been on a double decker bus before? What things did you see when you looked out the bus window?


Below you will find the calendar all about travelling by bus. The people in the calendar have travelled by car, but they have parked it and are going to finish their journey by bus. This is called Park and Ride. When getting onto the bus, you must wait for it to stop, buy a ticket and take your seat. You must put your seatbelt on if there is one! When the bus has stopped and youre ready to get off, always hold the hand of an adult and wait until the bus has moved away so you can see both sides of the road. How did you travel to Nursery school? How do you travel to the shop? Do you know anyone who gets the bus?

Below you will find two pages that highlight the importance of holding an adults hand when around vehicles and the different types of vehicles you may see on the road. You can print these pages out and colour them in.