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Road Safety

Road Safety!


It is important that Nursery children understand the importance of road safety, so we'd like to introduce you to Skooter!! He is here to help us understand the importance of road safety! We have provided a link to a fun and educational resource that your child can interact with to help understand road safety. This worksheet involves your child counting the vehicles by type and then colouring the pictures in!


Below you will find the first week of our road safety calendar (11th-15th May) which highlights the importance of pelican crossings. If you click on the picture you will access the ‘discussion time’ section of the poster. This will help you explain what a pelican crossing is and why it is so important for road safety. Have fun boys and girls!


Skooter's Road Safety Skills Calendar- Pelican Crossing

Pelican Crossings:

You might feel that pelican crossings are safe, but they can still be dangerous for children if they don't take care.

Remember to:

  • explain that pedestrians have to wait on the pavement until all the traffic coming from both directions has stopped - only then is it safe to cross
  • explain why it is important to hold an adults hand while crossing a pelican crossing
  • tell your child that even after pressing the button and waiting for the green man, it's important to keep looking and listening while crossing, in case a driver has not seen them
  • warn your child to watch for cyclists or motorcyclists who might not have seen them
  • That only when all traffic has stopped to walk straight across the road 
  • If you have started to cross and the green man starts to flash, to continue crossing- NEVER when the red man is showing


The information above is taken from Skooter’s Road safety skills calendar and the NIdirect.giv website: 

Skooter's Road Safety Worksheet- Counting different types of traffic!


Click on the link below, print the worksheet and count how many different types of vehicles Skooter has found. You can colour your worksheet in after you have finished counting! Enjoy!