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Caterpillar watch!


Week 3 on caterpillar watch! This week Reuben and his mum noticed that there were only 3 caterpillars left in the little pot- unfortunately this means that 2 of them have died. If caterpillars are feeling threatened that there isn’t enough food left for them, the most dominant caterpillar will start toe at the others! Although not nice, this is sometimes how nature happens!


The pictures below show us one caterpillar going into its chrysalis- it has hung itself to the top of the lid in a J shape and now the chrysalis is forming!

Reuben has been checking them every day and hopes you are all enjoying watching our caterpillar watch!

Make a Musical Instrument!


Exploring sound and movement to music is essential for Nursery aged children. To make your very own musical instrument all you need is an empty water bottle and some dried rice.


Put on ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams and let your child dance along while making some music. You can use plain rice, colored rice, a plain bottle or you can paint your bottle some magical colours! An alternative to using rice would be to hunt for some small pebbles or stones in order to make your shaker!

Teddy Bear Tea Party!

Texture Hunt!