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Reubens Caterpillar Watch!


Week 5 on caterpillar watch! This week we can see that the caterpillars have emerged out of their chrysalises and turned into beautiful butterflies!


Some questions to ask your child when talking about the butterflies are:

  1. Can you count the butterflies?
  2. What colours are they?
  3. Do they have patterns on their bodies?
  4. Do they all look the same?
  5. Can you count their legs?
  6. Can you count their wings?

Ocean fun!


Can you create your own ocean full of sea creatures?

Pop some water into a container, tray or bath, add some blue food colouring or paint and watch it turn into an ocean! Then add your favourite sea creatures! 

Summer Scents and Scavenger Hunt!

Science Activity- Grow a Carrot Top!