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Days of the Week!


It's important for Nursery children to be aware of and talk about the days of the week- including what day it was yesterday, what day it is today and what day tomorrow is going to be. Here is a fun video to help children learn the days of the week! It's to the tune of 'The Adams Family' so....get singing!

Days of the Week clap clap! to the tune of the Addams Family

The Weather!


Talk to your child about the weather as it changes day by day. You can discuss yesterday’s weather, today's weather and predict the type of weather your child thinks tomorrow will bring! This is an open ended language activity as you can discuss the colours and shapes you can see, the season and what clothes you need to wear in different types of weather.

Below you will find a super fun weather home learning challenge as well as the weather diary from last week! Enjoy!

Colour Bingo!