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Topic, Season, Colour and Shape

This week we are exploring:


Minibeasts, Teddy bears and Spring time!


As you complete your activities for Nursery this week, please continue to engage with colours, shapes and counting. This week you are making minibeast and teddy bear art, making minibeast mobiles and taking on a new colour challenge!


Below you will also find activities to talk about the days of the week, weather and what time of year it is!



Days of the Week!


It's important for Nursery children to be aware of and talk about the days of the week- including what day it was yesterday, what day it is today and what day tomorrow is going to be. Here is a fun video to help children learn the days of the week! It's to the tune of 'The Adams Family' so....get singing!

The Weather!


Talk to your child about the weather as it changes day by day. You can discuss yesterday’s weather, today's weather and predict the type of weather your child thinks tomorrow will bring! This is an open ended language activity as you can discuss the colours and shapes you can see, the season and what clothes you need to wear in different types of weather. Below you will find a weather diary for the week! Enjoy!

Colour Challenge!

Before we move onto a new colour for the month of June we would like you to recap the colours for April and May! We focused on the colours purple and black so we want to challenge you to:

  1. Trace your child’s name in large print and then let your child use black paint and a cotton bud or the pompom (received in your home learning pack) on the end of a clothes peg to trace their name. see example below.
  2. Mix red and blue paint together to make purple- talk about the process. What do they think will happen? What is happening? What colour is it making? What has happened? Use the paint to create a purple themed page. You could paint grapes, purple flowers, a purple crayon or you could use the opportunity to make some numbers or letters in your child’s name. see image below.



Below is an activity that makes you think about the shape of the foods that you eat! You will be thinking about the shapes of your food, finding out what different shaped foods you eat every day and finding shapes within your food!