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Week Six

Living things - An introduction 

Remember: Living Things will be able to:

  1. Move
  2. Breathe
  3. Grow
  4. Reproduce
  5. Excrete 


Look at the Posters below and try to remember the information:  

Living/not living

Activity two: Complete the sorting task between living and non-living. Cut out the images and stick them under the correct heading. A second sheet (living and non-living things) should then be used to practise further (this could be colour coded if preferred or simply labelled yes/no i.e. living/non-living).


Activity three: Complete sheet – Life Processes and Living Things Test 1 – Living and non-living things.


Activity four: Have a look out of any or all of the windows in your home. List up to ten living and non-living things you see. Alternately you could do this by standing in your garden. Write the names from your list unto the border of the page you used in Activity two.


Activity 2: Sorting activity, Activity 3: Processes test