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Weekly Timetable

Timetable: 30th March - 3rd April (Open the PDF for links)

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Remember this is only a suggested plan for your learning for the incoming week. Take the work at your own pace. You are welcome to change the timetable to suit you and your family best.  

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Try to keep active with  PE WITH JOE and keep going with the LEGO challenge.



Timetable: 23rd - 27th March CLICK HERE FOR LINKS

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This is a suggested plan for your learning for the incoming week. Please take your time and don't rush on through the booklets. The suggested activities shouldn't take you all day and that is ok - it is important to include time in your day for some reading, some quality time with your family (either face to face, online or on the phone) and hopefully some safe physical activity - outdoors if possible. Remember to check out PE WITH JOE and our LEGO challenge.


This is a time in our lives when we have even more opportunity to show kindness to others. Do you know anyone who is unable to leave their house at the moment? Why not write them a letter or draw them a picture and ask an adult in your family to post/deliver it. I'm sure you can think of lots more ways to be kind.

A simple act of kindness could really brighten someone's day! #bettertogether